“Água Ardente” opens at Biblioteca Popular de Pedro Ivo on March 12

“Água Ardente”, the film installation by Cooperativa Cultural Laia for the Biblioteca Popular de Pedro Ivo, opens next Saturday, March 12, at 6 pm. This is the last programming moment integrated in the rehabilitation and reactivation project of the space.   

Commissioned by the Department of Cinema and Moving Image of Ágora to Laetitia Morais, Mónica Baptista, and Sofia Arriscado, the film, presented in three channels/projections, explores social, urban, and historical details of Praça do Marquês and also memories of the library.  

The identity of Praça do Marquês – formerly known as ‘Largo de Agoa Ardente’ due to the market that took place there where this drink was sold – served as a starting point for the project and the invitation made to the artists. According to Cooperativa Cultural Laia, this idea of transformation, which includes the changes in the square itself, is explored in the film, from ambulatory visions.  

The project intends not only to occupy the space of the library but also to relate to the daily life of Praça do Marquês. For that, the film can be viewed both inside and outside the library, functioning as an invitation to those who pass there in the afternoon.   

“Água Ardente” ends up the reopening program of the Biblioteca Popular de Pedro Ivo. In April it will be launched an open call that aims to award two creation/programming grants for the Library space. These grants will be directed to proposals for literary and librarian projects.  

The installation “Água Ardente” can be visited for free every day between 4 pm and 10 pm until April 17.