ANILUPA launches digital cinema library with more than 200 animated films

Centro Lúdico da Imagem Animada (CLIA) ANILUPA, a branch of the Associação de Ludotecas do Porto, launched this Thursday the Cinemateca Digital ANILUPA, with more than 200 animated films available for free.

The platform includes the cinematographic collection of the Centro Lúdico da Imagem Animada ANILUPA, which results from more than 30 years of work in partnership with various institutions, including the Municipality of Porto, with groups of participants from different contexts, age groups and sociocultural realities.

The films made since 1999, with students from the 1st cycle of schools in Porto, within the scope of the Municipal Educational Program Porto de Crianças, under the guidance of CLIA/ANILUPA, are part of this collection.

Aiming the use of this cinematographic heritage for educational and cultural purposes, the platform offers free access to schools and other institutions in the educational, cultural or social sphere. The catalog of works, also accessible to non-registered users, is organized by different categories and themes and includes information about the directors, the synopses, and the technical data of the films.