Easy Porto

Filming guide

Filmaporto has prepared a guide that helps you understand how things work in Porto. It gathers a set of information that will help you film your project in our city.

Filming permits

It’s up to us to get your permits to film in Porto. And we like to keep it simple. Contact us and we’ll advise you on how things can advance faster.

Film licensing forms

There are two forms you need to fill in to shoot in our city. One only has to be filled in once; the other one must be filled in for each new location.

Project form

Contains broad information about your project and company.
It should be submitted with a short description of the project and an official copy of your liability insurance policy.

Location form

This is where you should explain with more detail what is going to happen in each location and specify your needs.

If you need to occupy a public space, require parking places, or to condition traffic you must submit the form with maps available on Porto’s official website (www.portaldomunicipe.cm-porto.pt) explaining your requirements.

If you need special licensing for noise, also consult Porto’s official website for the right form to submit.

To shoot a small project, that implies shooting in various locations in the same day, you should fill in one location form, indicating each location where you will be shooting.

Form submission

All forms must be sent in a PDF format to info@filmaporto.pt.

Guiding you through the bureaucracy

Cash rebate up to 30%

Portugal has one of the world’s most competitive cash rebate policies for cinema and TV.

Depending on your investment, you can get a rebate of up to 30%.

Filmaporto can help you contact the right entities to apply for these opportunities and guide you through all the steps.

Visas and accessibilities

We have special legislation to help your crew start filming as soon as possible.


Portugal has signed nine bilateral film coproduction treaties (with France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe). Soon, we will have treaties with Israel, India and China.

Portugal is also a Party in the Council of Europe Convention on Cinematographic Coproduction and the Iberoamerican Coproduction Agreement.

The production companies that operate in Porto have a great record of coproducing projects with foreign countries: France, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, USA, Japan, Spain, Israel and much more. 

This means that producing here is an opportunity to expand your coproduction possibilities to more than 50 countries in the world, enabling your project to apply for grants and funds all around the world.

Contacting public and private institutions

Not all the beauty you find in Porto is managed or owned by the city. But we know who the managers and owners are. We will guide and help you get these contacts and the permits to shoot there. Contact us!


A location

Having problems finding the right location to film your project? Want to come to Porto and scout our city?

Our city has a great deal to offer. Find your location in our database. We can also put you in touch with a local Location Manager who can help you out. Contact us!

An ator

Still haven’t found the perfect actor or actress? Need to find extras who are locals?

Get in touch with us, tell us your needs, and we’ll get you a qualified casting director to help you find the right actor or extras who will give your film an authentic feeling.

An artist

Still looking for the right DOP for your project? Having doubts about the art director you want to bring?

Get in touch with us, tell us what you need, and we’ll get you the talent you are looking for.

A professional

Want to lower your expenses by having a local professional crew? Want to work with professionals who really understand our city and its people?

Get in touch with us, tell us what you need, and we’ll get you the professionals who will guarantee high quality work for your project.

Your gear

Some equipment is just too difficult and expensive to ship, right? Someone forgot to bring that lens no one expected to use, and you really need it now?

Get in touch with us, tell us what you need, and we’ll give you the contacts of our best equipment rental companies.

Certification Green & Responsible

Filmaporto is aware of our city’s richness and diversity. That’s why we promote a responsible filming process, so that you can come back time and again to our beautiful city.


We are lucky that our city limits harbour the beautiful Douro River, the sea and unique historical sites and monuments, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Always be careful with the locations you choose to shoot and take extra care when using more complicated equipment (cranes, dollies, drones, etc.) in these delicate sites.

Low impact

If the life of local residents and shops may be affected by your filming, you must inform them in advance and minimise any environmental, acoustic and/or light pollution.


Promote local employment, hire local professionals and the adjacent service providers when possible — renting equipment and vehicles, purchasing products etc. This is a way to offer a positive return to our city, that is happy to welcome you.


Reduce waste by only using the necessary resources and avoiding disposable products.

Reuse decorations, clothing or other materials and promote organic waste composting.

Recycle the waste you make by separating it and using the specific containers located around the city.


Optimise energy consumption by choosing low-consumption devices and promote routines to avoid waste, such as shutting down all equipment when you stop working for a long time.

Make efficient and sustainable use of water, avoiding individual single-use containers and use alternative reusable containers and refill points instead.

Remember to optimise the flushing of cisterns and avoid taps running for a long time.