Filmaporto-financed film by André Gil Mata to be shown in competition in Rotterdam

“Pátio do Carrasco” by André Gil Mata, one of the projects supported by Filmaporto’s Neves Grant, will have its world premiere at the prestigious International Film Festival Rotterdam taking place between 25 January and 5 February 2023 in the Netherlands.

The film — produced by Primeira Idade, Rua Escura and Agente a Norte — is an adaptation of the short story “A Fratricide” by Franz Kafka. The narrative is built around overlapping accounts of the same event, a murder, from the perspective of four characters: Schmar, his brother Mr. Wese, Mrs. Wese and their neighbour Pallas.

André Gil Mata wrote, edited and features in “O Pátio do Carrasco”, alongside a cast that also includes Catarina Lacerda, David Almeida and António Júlio. Frederico Lobo (Photography), Sandra Neves (Artistic Direction and Scenography), Rafael Cardoso (Sound), Cláudia Ribeiro and Fabiano Mota Teixeira (Editing) make up the rest of the team.

“Pátio do Carrasco” will be shown in Rotterdam within the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition, which features 24 short films.