Filmaporto wants to make Porto a key location for film productions

The new film commission of the city of Porto was presented to agents of the sector last Tuesday, June 22, at Cinema Trindade, by Mayor Rui Moreira, and members of the Filmaporto — film commission team, Guilherme Blanc and Luís Araújo.

Filmaporto — film commission aims to make Porto, Portugal a key location for film productions. Its activity involves promoting the city to national and international agents, facilitating filming through logistical and technical support, financially supporting audio-visual productions in Porto and ensuring continuous and specialized training for professionals.

In addition, it also intends to serve as an intermediary between agents in the city and opportunities for film production, through the creation of a directory in which all professionals in the audio-visual sector residing in Porto can register.

Support for film production

Each year, through the provision of film production funding, Filmaporto will support five projects made entirely in the city.

The Filmaporto Funding Programme aims to stimulate the creation of cinema produced entirely in Porto and promote the employability and hiring of technicians and companies linked to the city’s audio-visual sector.

Another of the new film commission’s missions is to guarantee continuous and specialized training for the different agents who carry out their professional activity in Porto. Therefore, it will provide, in partnership with other entities in the city, workshops and courses focused on different audio-visual techniques. You can find the first formations here.

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