Films produced on the course “A Nebulosa” to be screened at Cinema Trindade

The film course “A Nebulosa”, which began in November 2021, comes to a close on 23 October with the screening of the short films made by its participants, at 9.45pm at Cinema Trindade.

Devised by the cooperative film production company Rua Escura, and supported by Filmaporto, the course included sessions led by André Gil Mata, Frederico Lobo, Luís Palito e João Vladimiro and masterclasses by Leonor Noivo and Paulo Abreu.

Over several months, participants had the chance to learn about the mechanics and operation of 16mm cameras, sound recording, lighting and developing film. The course also involved the study of films, case studies and discussions.

“In our view, the nine films produced by this group reflect the value of the process, and we feel they are a loyal material representation of the discussions we had during this period, and of the different sensibilities that arose — and clashed — as we tried to bring out the best in each participant. They are nine idiosyncratic perspectives, the result of a space that was open to unlikely encounters”, the production company explains.

Entonação de um espaço, by Fabiano Teixeira; Enquanto há luz, by Cláudia Gomes; A Arte de Furtar, by Rodrigo Queirós; maior idade, by Maria Inês Rodrigues; O Amor é Isso, by Nuno Mendonça; Macaca, by Odair Monteiro; Tanganhom, by Vítor Covelo; Sempre a mesma Música, by Ana Almeida; and Meio Termo, by Cláudia Ribeiro, are the films produced in the 1st edition of “A Nebulosa”.