Ribeira do Porto joins the European Film Academy’s list of Treasures of Film Culture

Ribeira do Porto is one of 22 new locations to be added to the European Film Academy’s list of Treasures of European Film Culture. The announcement was made this Tuesday by the Academy, which also runs the European Film Awards.

The initiative — which has now recognised 35 locations in countries including France, Italy, Spain, the UK, Poland, Iceland, Scotland, Lithuania, Hungary, Denmark, Croatia, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Austria, Russia, Ukraine and Armenia — aims to highlight and protect shooting locations of symbolic and historical value to European cinema.

“The European Film Academy is broadening its scope and embracing European cinema, from the classics to contemporary film, in order to celebrate the rich and diversified film inheritance of Europe. To that end, we have created a department dedicated to European Film Heritage. As one of the first activities of this new department, and in the light of this year’s 35th edition of the European Film Awards, the Academy is adding 22 new locations to the list of Treasures of European Film Culture,” the organisation explained in a press release.

In the case of Porto’s Ribeira neighbourhood, the distinction was conferred thanks to its connection with the filmography of Manoel de Oliveira, namely “Douro, Faina Fluvial” (1931), “Aniki-Bobó” (1942) and “Porto da Minha Infância” (2001).

The complete list is available on the initiative’s website.