“Santiago”: a new series by OPTO/SIC filmed in Porto

Porto was one of the shooting locations chosen for the new series “Santiago”, created and written by Diogo Brito, Inês Braga and César Mourão. Produced by 313features in association with Blanche Filmes, the thriller follows various people on their journey along the Camino de Santiago amid a series of murders.

“Along the journey, characters from various parts of the world — Europe, South Korea, Brazil — reflect on their personal battles, facing questions relating to identity, beliefs, past experiences and their reasons for embarking on the Camino”, explains the producer.

The action takes place along the coast of the North of Portugal towards the city of Santiago de Compostela. In Porto, the shoot took in locations such as Sé, Igreja de São Francisco, the streets of Ribeira and Miragaia, and the city’s lodging house for pilgrims.

The cast of “Santiago” includes Lúcia Moniz, Ivo Canelas, Bárbara Branco, Leonor Vasconcelos and Carla Maciel. The director is Pedro Varela.

The series, composed of eight episodes of 35 minutes each, will premiere at the beginning of November on SIC and on the streaming platform OPTO.