Working Class Heroes: Filmaporto to finance a new film about the working community of Porto

As a result of a partnership between Filmaporto – Film Commission and Porto/Post/Doc, the Working Class Heroes project will be presented this Tuesday, November 23, at the festival, in a session at Casa Comum by 4:30 pm. This initiative will challenge, for the first time, three emerging filmmakers to present an idea for a film about the working community of Porto.

The selected work will be financed by Filmaporto and will be filmed and produced during an artistic residency, taking place in Porto in 2023, with the participation of local professionals. In addition to encouraging the production of new films, this project, which will be annual, aims the creation of a film archive that brings filmmakers closer to the community and the territory, seeking to create, simultaneously, a portrait of Porto’s community from different points of view.

During the festival, there will also be a series of activities aimed exclusively at the film industry. The main objective of these meetings between professionals from all over the world is to provide opportunities for the promotion, distribution and internationalization of Portuguese works and to boost Porto as a territory of cinematographic production.

On November 24th, Luís Araújo (Film commissioner) will present, in a session at Casa Comum, the role of Filmaporto as the sole partner between professionals and the city’s public services, facilitating filming through administrative and financial procedures. The work of this platform supporting and financing film projects developed in the city and the promotion of specialized training for professionals will also be addressed.

The Industry Screenings are also part of the program dedicated to the industry, where selected producers and directors will have the opportunity to present their works and meet with programmers.