Filmaporto Funding Programme: Neves and Pascaud Grants

In 1906, Neves & Pascaud was the first company to present films to the public in Porto. It was also the entity responsible for the opening of at least four movie theaters, including the important Cinema Batalha in 1947.

António Neves was a local businessman, a symbol of our city’s vibrant industry and entrepreneurship. His French partner, Edmond Pascaud, came to Porto and brought with him the cinematographic knowledge he had acquired in Paris.

Filmaporto decided to create two scholarships to support film production and named them after these unique figures. Through these grants, we will finance, within a year, five projects made entirely in the city.

The Neves scholarship is open to artists, directors and producers living in the municipality of Oporto, while the Pascaud scholarship is for artists, directors and producers living outside the municipality.

The five grants, worth 20,000 euros each, will be awarded, through a competitive application process, to fiction and documentary films, series, experimental films and essays.

The application period for the 2nd edition of Filmaporto grants runs from May 16 to June 3, 2022.


We are constantly in touch with Porto’s professionals. We try to understand their needs and offer the tools to supply them.